My Doggy Diary

Each day is different with new friends arriving and old friends going home but we do follow a similar pattern.


Wake up and out into the garden for a toilet visit.


Leave for Ecclesall Woods. Most of us walk from the car wearing gentle leaders to make sure we walk to heel and then once we are well away from the road we are let off the lead and can enjoy a good run through the trees. Joanne makes sure we don’t bother other walkers by getting us to come back for a treat of smelly cheese!


Time to head back to the car.


Back home, some of us will doubtless need cleaning and drying off and then it is time for breakfast and a rest.


Go and play with my friends in the secure garden.




Decide where I am going to chill out for the evening. Will it be on Joanne’s knee? Shall I get a comfy chair? Or the sofa? What about my favourite dog bed? Or Joanne might groom me so I look my best in the photo gallery