Our Daily Menu

Many owners only feed their dog once a day but is this in the morning, middle of the day or evening? So that all our dogs remain happy we have found it is better to split their rations into two during their stay with us and we feed them one half after their walk in the morning and the remainder in the late afternoon.

We use a dried food called Autarky. Dogs under the age of 7 are fed on Summer Autarky (Adult) while those over 7 are given Autumn Autarky (Mature Lite).

Autarky literally means “exact requirement”. It is a high quality food which has a hypo-allergenic formula being wheat, gluten, soya and GM free, has no artificial preservatives, colours and flavours and is 100% natural. It is not widely available but can be bought in Sheffield from Bradway Pet Shop. We also provide Hills Prescription ID Diet both dried and tinned for dogs who have a delicate stomach.

If your dog has special dietary requirements which cannot be met using these feeds then we are more than happy for you to provde your own food for them during their stay.