Packing List

What your dog needs to bring with them when they come to stay at Bed and Biscuits


Please ensure your dog arrives with their own lead. If you use a halti/gentle leader or harness then they will need to bring this with them also.


There is no specific need to bring your dog’s bed as there are plenty of beds to choose from while your dog stays at Bed and Biscuits. However if your dog prefers to use their own bed and bedding then please don’t hesitate to bring this with you


Does your dog wear a coat in inclement weather? Is so, don’t forget to pack it


Remember any medication your dog needs and make sure you also bring clear written instructions regarding when and how it is to be administered.

Vaccination certificate

Please bring your original vaccination certificate as we need to make a photocopy for our records and Sheffield City Council Registration. As well as being up to date with the Nobivac DHPPI and Lepto 2 vaccinations, we also need your dog to be up to date with the kennel cough vaccine (Nobivac KC).

Emergency Contact

An up-to-date address and telephone number for emergency contact.